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South Patagonia – successful second attempt

disptaches to be uploaded soon

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South Patagonian Icecap first attempt

South Patagonian Icecap – the first attempt In July 2009 Linda and Rob attempted to travel from the Jorge Montt Glacier to the Upsala Glacier – a partial…

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Greenland Dispatches

Greenland Expedition In March and April, 2007 Linda Beilharz, Rob Rigato and Roger Chao completed an East West crossing of the Greenland Iceap. They travelled for 35 days…

From Central Victoria to the South Pole

Linda reflects on her Antarctic expedition.( November to December 2004) It’s hard to believe I’m back – because for quite some time it was hard to believe I…


North Pole

                    Two months on the ice – 30 mins in video         Linda Beilharz: champion of…