robRob has completed an east west crossing of the Greenland Icecap in 2007 and recently attempted a crossing of the South Patagonia Icecap.

Rob Rigato has been leading the Outdoor Education Program at Trinity Grammar School, Kew (Melbourne) for over 25 years.


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He is highly respected for the integrated program he has developed for students in years 7 to 10 and for his involvement in the ‘Leader’s Training Course’ which is highly regarded by older students.

During the 5 years he worked at the Australian Outward Bound School, he traveled to and worked in a wide variety of wilderness locations within Australia.

For several years Rob has been an Instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in the USA He works for NOLS once a year, instructing on backpacking courses in Wyoming or Alaska.

In his work Rob draws on his Arts degree and Diploma of Education, as well as his interest in geology and love of the outdoors.

Rob often has a camera in his hand and has a great interest in capturing the story of an expedition in pictures.

Trinity Grammar School (where Rob works)

National Outdoor Leadership School (where Rob works in his holidays)